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Renderman User Documentation

Listed directories illustrate functionality and back-end processing of the Prman Renderer that required additional documentation not covered in project breakdowns.

Documentation written from research, development, and trial and error of the Renderman projects I've completed (and sometimes not completed). Consider the following R&D and Proof of Concept for my Renderman related work.

Syntax written in Malcom Kesson's Cutter©
- all rights reserved.

Renderman© is a product of Pixar Animation
- all rights reserved.
Houdini Operation and Effects Resource

SideFX Software's Houdini provides a robust library of tools and resources for visual effects. These documents review various methods that exhibit procedural and script operations.

These listings cover analysis of project-driven UI, rendering, and exploration of Houdini's scripting possibilities. Houdini includes a powerful python language integration, as well as it's own Hscript and VEX languages.

The following will explore workflows utilizing these elements. Consider the following R&D and proof of concept for FX animation work.

Houdini© is a product of SideFX Software
- all rights reserved.
Z Brush Guides, Methods, and Tricks

Reoccuring use of Pixologic Z Brush for creating project assets resulted with insight of numerous methods to creating sculpts for 3d environments.

The following documentation reviews various methods implemented in project work.

These methods range from essential workflow operations such as UV map utilization and asset outputing to miscellaneous tricks that can satisfy and improve project goals.

Z Brush© is the property of Pixologic Inc.
- all rights reserved.

e-on Vue User Documentation

Experience with e-on Softwares Vue application resulted in strategies beneficial to matte painting and set-extension workflows.

The following documents pipelines and methods that resulted in technical and aesthetically pleasing 3D environments.

Vue xStream© is the property of e-on Software
- all rights reserved.